Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive dogs are a risk to both themselves and the groomer.  I (the pet owner) agree to make the groomer aware of any aggression issues or biting incidents involving my dog.  I understand that for everyone’s safety, my dog may need to be muzzled in addition to appropriate restraints.  I understand that grooming will occur at the groomer’s discretion.  If at any time the groomer feels that the dog is a safety threat, grooming will cease, regardless of the degree of completion.�� The pet owner is responsible for the entire cost of the groom, regardless of the degree of completion.

Overweight Dogs

Grooming is a strenuous activity requiring certain physical capacities.  In order to thoroughly and safely groom your pet, the dog must be able to stand for the duration of a bath and blow dry lasting up to 45 minutes (depending on the size and coat), and for the duration of finishing time lasting up to 1 hour (depending on size, coat, and intricacy of trim).  We are willing and able to make concessions for dogs who cannot tolerate the physical stress (i.e. allowing the dog to sit or lay for portions of the groom or attaching hip support/restraint).  However, movement and control of the dog is more limited and safety is compromised, making injury to the dog more likely under these circumstances.  I (the pet owner) understand that the groomer cannot effectively groom if they are required to support the body weight of a dog, and the finished product of the groom (completion or look) may be compromised.

Shaving Thick Coated/Double Coated Dogs

We do not recommend shaving double coated dogs for any reason.  Shaving a double coating dogs including, but not limited to, Golden Retrievers, Shepherds, and Labs, can result in long term and irreversible damage to the coat.�� The coat may grow back patchy, coarse, or not at all.  We will shave any dog at the customer’s request.  However, we are not responsible for long term damage to the coat of a dog that should not be shaved.

Dog with Fleas

When a dog is known to have fleas, we take precautions to protect the other dogs on the premises.  If we are made aware of a possible flea infestation, we will schedule you dog to avoid contact with other animals.  However, if we find fleas on your dog and we were not made aware of the condition in advance, you (the pet owner) will be required to pay a treatment fee of $15 for your dog, a treatment of $15 per dog for all other dogs on the premises, and a cleaning fee of $45.  All payment is due at time of pickup.

Severely Matted Dogs

Mats are tight knots in a dog’s coat that are often impossible to remove without cutting through or shaving affected areas.  Matting can be extremely painful as it restricts blood flow, causes skin irritations and is extremely uncomfortable for the dog.  The groomer has full discretion in determining whether coat needs to be shaved.  We will do our best to indicate to the pet owner, at drop off, whether shaving is necessary.�� However, often times we discover additional mats during the groom.  We will not demat severely matted dogs.  Depending on the severity of the matting, dogs can suffer nicks, cuts, and clipper burn from the removal of mats.  Often times additional skin conditions are revealed when mats are removed, including but not limited to, hot spots and infections.���� I (the pet owner) understand that my dog���s matting is a result of improper or infrequent grooming.  I will not hold Cloud K9 LLC responsible for any injuries inflicted or discovered during the groom.

Veterinarian Release and Billing Agreement:

I (the pet owner) understand that dog grooming incurs certain risks.  Dog are often distracted and unpredictable.  Nicks, scrapes, or other injuries are often unavoidable, especially if one or more of the above conditions apply.  As owner of the dog, I (the pet owner) take full responsibility for the condition and behavior of my dog.  I give Cloud K9 LLC the right to use vet services, should the need arise.  Furthermore, I agree to pay all vet bills in full, in addition to any grooming charges incurred.

Cancelation / No Show Policy / Late:

We will make every effort to contact each customer at least a day or two before appointments to remind them of their date and time. However, the customer takes full responsibility for arriving to their appointment on time.  Appointments are taken throughout the day and are for the specific time you have reserved.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to call in another customer and reschedule you for another day.�� If you do not show up for your appointment, or do not call to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be asked to pay an additional $10 no show fee the next time you book and appointment in addition to normal grooming costs.  If you are a habitual no show offender, you may be asked to prepay for your grooming appointments.  Your prepayments for any future appointments are non-refundable.

I have read and understand the Cloud K9 LLC Grooming Agreement and Liability Clause.  I understand the risks of dog grooming and take full responsibility for the actions and condition of my pet.  The groomers at Cloud K9 LLC have outlined specific concerns including aggression, overweight pets, shaving double coated dogs and severe matting.  By signing this document I agree that these risks, and their impact on the grooming of my pet, have been clearly outlined.  Also, I agree to release Cloud K9 LLC from any liability regarding injury to my pet and agree to pay all bills (including any vet bills) incurred during the grooming process.

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