Your dog's home away from home.

Home Based Boarding is a great option for people who are uncomfortable bringing their dog to a kennel. Boarding your dog in a home environment gives you piece of mind that your dog is being cared for in a familiar, low stress setting.

The Benefits of Home-Based Boarding Include:

  • Freedom to maintain your dog’s regular schedule.
  • Fewer dogs allows for more individualized attention.
  • Less time caged or crated reduces stress.
  • Playtime with other dogs is included (as long as appropriate).
  • Lots of snuggle time on the couch!!

Home based boarding is a specialty service that we offer only to our regular grooming and daycare customers. We take in only dogs that we know and are comfortable with, to protect ourselves, our own dogs, and our home. We will typically only take in one or two dogs (or families of dogs) at a time, to ensure a calm and manageable environment for everyone.

When your dog stays with us he/she will have access to our entire house, as well as our fenced in backyard for playtime and potty breaks. We try to maintain an active schedule with walks and outings so that your dogs are not bored or stressed. During the weekdays your dog will travel to our facility at 385 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack, and participate in doggie daycare and hang out at the shop.

Boarding Requirements:

All dogs must be up to date on the Rabies vaccination. Customers can present an invoice from their vet, or town licensing paperwork to verify a Rabies vaccination. We do not require the Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccination. However, if you choose to vaccinate for Bordetella, please administer the vaccine at least two weeks before your board.

All dogs must be crate trained.  We do not always crate our regular visitors if they behave in the house.  However, until we know and trust your dog, we will use the crate when we go out and/or during the night.  We also, when possible, prefer dogs to travel in crates in the car. If you do not have a crate, we can provide one for you. However, crate training takes time, and must be done well in advance of the board.

All dogs must be house broken. We might make exceptions for very young puppies that are still in the house breaking process. However, they will be confined to the kitchen area in case of accidents.

All dogs must be well mannered for home living. We do not accept counter surfing, furniture chewing, trash dumping or other like behaviors. Dogs who cannot be controlled in the home will be confined to the yard or a kennel run for the duration of their board.

For more detailed information on our boarding requirements as well as our Boarding Liability Agreement, please CONTACT US.

What you should bring:

  • Please bring your dog’s own food and treats. Switching your dog’s food drastically can lead to digestive discomfort. We try to keep everything the same to limit stomach aches and diarrhea.
  • Please bring your dog’s bed or blanket. Something that smells like home is always comforting.
  • Please bring any medications or supplements that you normally give your dog.
  • Please bring your dog’s collar with identification tags and a flat line leash for walking. If you have any training collars, head collars, or harnesses that you normally use for walking, please bring those as well.
  • Please bring your dog’s crate. If you have a crate that folds down for easy transport or is small enough to move easily, your dog will be right at home. If you don’t have a crate, don’t worry…we can provide one for you.

What you should not bring:

  • Please do not bring your dog’s bowl or feeding dishes. We have our own stainless steel collection that are easy to clean and unbreakable. We also have community water bowls throughout the house and yard.
  • Please do not bring your dog’s toys…unless you don’t mind not some wear and tear. Our dogs love new stuff. If it’s in the house, it’s fair game. Anything can happen to it.
  • Please do not bring a flexi leash (retractable leash). With multiple dogs they are a cumbersome safety hazard.


$30 per day for the 1st dog.

$25 per day for the 2nd dog.


We are available for boarding drop off and pick up during our normal grooming hours…

Monday – Friday 6:30 am until 4pm

at our 385 DW Highway location.

If you are in need of a weekend drop off or pick up, you must schedule time in advance.