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A love of dogs, a passion for grooming, and a commitment to the long term health and wellness of your dog.  As part of the Cloud K9 family, our clients enjoy consistent, timely and personalized care for their pets.

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Doggie Daycare

Exercise and socialization are key components to the physical and mental health of your dog.  Dogs who get exercise are often better behaved, less aggressive, and more content with their home life.  Spending time with other dogs fulfills your dog’s emotional need to connect with members of their own species and “be a dog”.

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Grooming is essential to the overall health of your dog.  As your groomer, I will help identify health concerns, as well as, maintain the look and functionality of your dog’s coat.  Dogs who look great, feel great!

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We’ll have your dog looking  and feeling great when they leave our full service grooming salon!


doggie daycare new hampshire


Socializing and exercising is the best way to spend the day.�� Your dog will be tired and happy after a day in our doggie daycare!



Your dog’s home away from home.  Vacation knowing your pet is relaxing in a low stress, home environment!


I adopted my dog a Pekinese from the Nashua Humane Society. Baby is a delightful dog but can be a little shy. Laura treats her with respect and love. Baby and I wouldn’t go any where else.


At Cloud K9 it’s dogs only…sorry cats! Dogs are not only pets, but family members. Such a distinction requires pet care providers to connect with basic needs, as well as the deeper emotional and personal characteristics of each dog. Every dog has a different life story. Understanding this allows me to tailor services to your individual dog, and provide the best overall care.


6:30 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday

Weekends Closed


Frequently Asked Questions

An initial positive experience will make all the difference in your dog’s comfort level coping with new experiences.  Grooming, boarding, and daycare, are services you’ll need to employ for the lifetime of your pet.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.  Here are some common questions, but there will surely be others.Please don’t hesitate to ask.  We want you to feel comfortable joining the Cloud K9 family!


What type of dogs do you typically groom?


I groom everything!  There are trends in breed popularity that dictate what I groom most.  When I first started 10 years ago, I groomed a lot of Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, and Golden Retrievers.  Now, I groom a lot of Bichons and designer mixed breeds like Cockapoos and Doodles.  However, I’m experienced grooming all breeds.  I’m just as comfortable blowing out a massive double coated Newfie as I am scissoring a Poodle into a sculpted trim.

How do you schedule grooming appointments?


We book our groomings by appointment at specific times throughout the day.  We take our first appointment at 7am and our last appointment between 1pm and 2pm, with multiple time slots in between.  For regular customers, an appointment lasts about three hours. If you are brining multiple dogs, or don’t groom regularly, we may need more time to do a thorough job.  If you can’t pick your dog up as soon as we’re done, don’t worry.  We do our best to work with our customers’ schedules.  As long as it’s during normal business hours, we can walk your dog(s) and keep them comfortable until you get there!



How often should I groom my dog?


Grooming frequency depends on your breed of dog and lifestyle.  In general, most dogs benefit from grooming at least every 8 to 10 weeks for toenail maintenance, ear cleaning and sanitary care.  However, if you like to keep your dog in full coat, or don’t like to brush the dog yourself, we recommend every 4 to 6 weeks.  For more specific information on your dogs grooming needs, please call the shop at 603-424-6166.


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